9 DIY Blog Design Hacks For Every Type of Blogger

You don't need a professional web designer to get your blog started. Check out these super easy, free ways that you can design your blog yourself. If you're strapped for cash, these DIY blog design tips will help you get started on the right foot.



Ok, so there’s a huge misconception floating around the blogosphere that states that you need to hire a professional web designer in order to have a successful blog.  On the contrary, another misconception is that if you don’t have the means to hire a designer then you have to suffer with a miserable, sad looking blog design until you have some cash.


Not true, babe.  Not true at all.


Designing your blog is so important to your businesses branding strategy.  While there are a million ways to spruce up your blog on your own, I’m giving you some of my favorite, and most affordable tips today.



The Ultimate Guide to Creating Pinnable Graphics for Pinterest

Want to know how to create graphics for Pinterest? I mean... some REALLY effective graphics for Pinterest? I've got you covered. Click on the pin to reveal some of the top things your pins need in order to bring you more blog traffic!



Pinterest is all the rage, right?




If you aren’t on Pinterest, I really just can not explain to you how important it is for your blog or business.  Actually, you know how this election right now is important?  Being on Pinterest is THAT important.


Pinterest is an essential, free tool that can make huge differences in your business.  Pinterest is a needle mover.  It helps your target audience come in contact with your content, it helps to sell your products, it helps to grow your email list, it helps you get clients.  I mean, do I really need to sit here and further explain how important it is to be on Pinterest???


One of the most important parts of being on Pinterest is making sure that you are using graphics that are visually appealing.


Visually appealing graphics typically means a few things:

• they stand out in the smart feed and grab your attention

• they offer some type of aesthetic or relatable feel

•they’re vertical and tall

• they feature color palettes that are complementary and fonts that reflect your branding

• they’re easy to read

• they get straight to the point

• they lead to valuable content



Why You Need Video Marketing on Instagram In 2016

Using video on Instagram should be a crucial part of your social media strategy. In this blog post, you'll learn how I got thousands of views on my first post ever!



Hey there!  It’s been awhile, but I’ve got some awesome things cooking up for you guys, so the hiatus didn’t go in vain.  I wanted to post today about something amazing that all entrepreneurs should be engaging in on Instagram.  We all know that Instagram has had its video feature rolled out for a few years now. What you may not know is that video is one of the most powerful and compelling ways to market your business these days.  Visual content is so much faster to accept and take in.  We actually process it 90 times faster than we do text!


I recently took to Instagram to branch out on a new venture.  I’m just gonna come out and say it… I have some pretty amazing hair.  So I started using Instagram (ahem… @naturalin15) to share my hair tips and styles!  I mean, why not…?  Instagram is a great creative outlet and I get awesome compliments on my hair all the time, so I decided to get on with sharing the love!



How to Create Textured Text with Picmonkey

Picmonkey Tutorials | Learn how to customize your text by creating a text mask in Picmonkey. It's super easy, super fast, and a great way to design your blog.


Hey everyone!  So, if you tuned into my last audio newsletter, you know that I would like to start giving more DIY blog design tips here on the site.  It’s not really something I planned to do, but I think new bloggers would really find it helpful.  If you’re a new blogger, you should know that design is pretty simple these days.  With that being said, today’s post will be my first tutorial!  I’m going to teach you how to create textured text on Picmonkey.


Let me dive into the basics for all you newbie bloggers.  *Picmonkey is a free photo editing software.  If you’re completely new to blogging, it’s pretty fool proof and super easy to use. There’s a free and paid version (I use the paid version), if you’re looking for a few advanced features. I’ve been loving Picmonkey for all of my blogging needs… it’s saved me more than a few times! I mainly use Picmonkey for editing photos and creating pins. So, let’s dive into the tutorial!


Before you start, you’ll need to have a texture of your choice ready.  You can purchase textures and patterns from *Creative Market.  Psst… Creative Market is where I got my gold foil textures, and if you sign up for their email list, you get freebies every Monday!



Why You Should Stop Worrying About Blog Traffic

We all worry about how our blog traffic is affecting our blog's success. Bosslady, I'm here to tell you that blog traffic is great and all, BUT there is something much more important that you should be really paying attention to. Click through to read more!



Hey y’all!  I’m back after a pretty long hiatus, mainly because I just moved to Atlanta, but today I wanted to chat a bit about a topic that I think plagues all new or newish bloggers and small biz owners.  When I first started my skincare business, I would get so bummed about not getting the website traffic that I just knew was going to come rolling in as soon as I hit publish.  I figured that by researching SEO and implementing all of the tips I’d read on other blogs that the site traffic would just come pouring in. WRONG. This was a terrible assumption that cost me a lot of time and gave me a ton of stress.


Are you like the old me?  Or are you the person in Facebook groups asking for tips on how to get more website traffic? I was this person too, actually, so you’re not alone if so.  I’d see others posting screenshots of their Google Analytics reports and instantly find myself insanely jealous at their ‘fame and viral ability’.  It sucks seeing these types of results from other bloggers… when you think that getting a ton of website traffic is indicative of your blog’s success.



How to Automate Social Media Like a Pro

How to Automate Social Media like a Pro // Creating business systems is a great way to increase your productivity, and what's better than using social media scheduling to free up some time in your day? Check out how I automate my social media profiles with Tailwind and Hootsuite, and how I automate my email marketing efforts with Mailchimp. Click this pin to read my tips and strategies!


So you’ve fixed your cup of chamomile tea, you’ve done your morning stretches, and  you’re ready to start you day.  You prance over to your to-do list, giddy to start your day, and you stop in your tracks.  All in an instant, that day you couldn’t wait to conquer, turns into one where you’d just rather Netflix and chill all day.  Why?  Because… you’ve got to tweet at least three pieces of content, create a graphic for Instagram, write newsletters, publish your latest blog post on Facebook, and this isn’t including checking emails and creating content for your blog or business.


We all get busy.. I mean, it’s kind of in an entrepreneur’s nature to always have something going on.  And this is exactly why you need to have the right types of systems in place to make sure that you can stay on top of tedious tasks, like social media and keeping in touch with your email subscribers.



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