Why You Need Video Marketing on Instagram In 2016

Using video on Instagram should be a crucial part of your social media strategy. In this blog post, you'll learn how I got thousands of views on my first post ever!



Hey there!  It’s been awhile, but I’ve got some awesome things cooking up for you guys, so the hiatus didn’t go in vain.  I wanted to post today about something amazing that all entrepreneurs should be engaging in on Instagram.  We all know that Instagram has had its video feature rolled out for a few years now. What you may not know is that video is one of the most powerful and compelling ways to market your business these days.  Visual content is so much faster to accept and take in.  We actually process it 90 times faster than we do text!


I recently took to Instagram to branch out on a new venture.  I’m just gonna come out and say it… I have some pretty amazing hair.  So I started using Instagram (ahem… @naturalin15) to share my hair tips and styles!  I mean, why not…?  Instagram is a great creative outlet and I get awesome compliments on my hair all the time, so I decided to get on with sharing the love!


My page is all about sharing content through video ONLY.  Why?  Because no one else is doing it, and I’m not that great at taking selfies.  I really dig video, though, and so do tons of users on Instagram.  While I haven’t been on Instagram long, I have uncovered some pretty dope secrets and some pretty promising revelations.  After I posted my first video, I only used hashtags to promote it.  I didn’t tell any friends about my page, I didn’t post on Facebook, only hashtags.  I patiently waited for the likes and views to pour in… but nothing.  I was confused. Everyone makes such a big deal out of hashtags.  They increase exposure like crazy… so everyone says.  I went to bed, disappointed, and realizing that creating a decent following would be a lot of work.


I’ve had a bit of an insomnia problem over the last few months, but on this particular night, the break in sleep was well worth it.  I woke up to a ton of likes and followers on my page!




Because a niche site saw my video through a hashtag and reposted my content!  Within just a few hours of the repost, the video had over 1,500 views and over 700 likes.  Not only that, my post had made top hashtag in about 5 different hashtags.  After that video did so well, I had a second video make top hashtag in NINE hashtags. These were amazing results for me just starting out.


This is probably one of my favorite ways to refresh an old, dry, hot mess of a twistout. First, section your hair into four parts. I moisturized my hair with @mielleorganics Avocado Hair Milk (which is actually kind of like a styler too) and I used a little of the @lovelottabody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion to hydrate and dampen my hair. Then, all I did was retwist, let it set for about three hours, and voila! My curls came out looking super flawless and really moisturized. #haironfleek #myhaircrush #naturalista #mielleorganics #naturallyshesdope #gocurls #teamnatural_ #naturalgirlsrock #mixxedchicks #curlyculture #talktresses #luvyourmane #voiceofhair #kinky_chicks1 #curlswithlove #amazingnaturalhair #naturalchixs #heynaturalhair #curlynatural #mynaturalhairisdope #curlsunderstood #curlygirlcollective #naturalchix #kollectivekoils #curlsaunaturel #curlyhairdontcare #curlybeauti #igcurls #naturalhairmag #urbanhairpost

A video posted by Natural Hair Vids 🎥 (@naturalin15) on


Here are some lessons I picked up on how to create video for and promote video on Instagram:




When Instagram first rolled out its video feature, you could only post videos that were 15 seconds long.  Now, you can post videos up to one minute.  It may seem like a short time, but you can squeeze a ton of info into a one minute video.  It’s best to get right to the point because people are eager to scroll through their time lines, so you don’t want to take up their precious time with fluff. Get right to the point and you have a better chance of retaining views and growing your audience.





No one ever has their eyes glued to the screen when a video is grainy.  Make it stand out by filming and exporting in HD. If you’re not sure how, there are tons of free tutorials on Youtube and (inexpensive) paid courses on Udemy that can help you increase your knowledge of video editing.  Only include engaging pieces in your videos.  Adding text, motion graphics, and lower thirds to make things more visual only makes your video quality even better.





What I mean by this is use hashtags that consumers would use as well as your competitors.  You have a better chance of reaching targeted followers and the followers of your competitors.  Instagram lets you use up to 30 hashtags… I’d suggest using them all!  Try to use hashtags that have anywhere between 1000 and 100,000 posts.  There is a better chance of your content being seen in the feed and not being buried.  Think about hashtags that have millions of posts.  They almost immediately get buried in the feed as soon as they’re posted.  This can be a complete waste of hashtag usage.  Also, if any niche pages have hashtags of their own, make sure to use them!  These pages have a laser targeted audience waiting for you. Check out a dope formula here:


How to choose hashtags that increase exposure on Instagram



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You never, and I mean, NEVER know who will see your content after you post it.  A major plus for using tags is that a lot of companies are relying on user generated content in order to run their own pages.  User generated content is a great way for brands to show the world that consumers are loving their products.  If you’re tagging a major brand, chances are they already have a ton of followers.  Who wouldn’t love to get their face in front of a brands targeted users? The same exact concept goes for niche pages. Tag away at any chance you get!




I hope these tips have helped!  What are your goals for Instagram video this year?  What are some of your own personal tips for promoting your video content on Instagram?  Leave a comment down below and let’s chat!


How to Create Textured Text with Picmonkey

Picmonkey Tutorials | Learn how to customize your text by creating a text mask in Picmonkey. It's super easy, super fast, and a great way to design your blog.


Hey everyone!  So, if you tuned into my last audio newsletter, you know that I would like to start giving more DIY blog design tips here on the site.  It’s not really something I planned to do, but I think new bloggers would really find it helpful.  If you’re a new blogger, you should know that design is pretty simple these days.  With that being said, today’s post will be my first tutorial!  I’m going to teach you how to create textured text on Picmonkey.


Let me dive into the basics for all you newbie bloggers.  *Picmonkey is a free photo editing software.  If you’re completely new to blogging, it’s pretty fool proof and super easy to use. There’s a free and paid version (I use the paid version), if you’re looking for a few advanced features. I’ve been loving Picmonkey for all of my blogging needs… it’s saved me more than a few times! I mainly use Picmonkey for editing photos and creating pins. So, let’s dive into the tutorial!


Before you start, you’ll need to have a texture of your choice ready.  You can purchase textures and patterns from *Creative Market.  Psst… Creative Market is where I got my gold foil textures, and if you sign up for their email list, you get freebies every Monday!


Let’s do this!  Once you’re a pro, you’ll be able to do this in five minutes or less!


Step 1. Open up Picmonkey and click ‘Design’.  Choose whatever layout you desire.  I always choose a square layout.


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


Step 2. Once your layout is opened, head over to the dialogue box on the left and make sure you apply the canvas color to white (#ffffff).


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


Step 3. Head over to the text ‘Tt’ icon to choose your font and then click ‘Add Text’. Go ahead and type your text and position it to where you want it. For best results, make your font color black.


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


Step 4. SUPER IMPORTANT STEP, y’all! After your text is finished, click the ‘Combine’ button.  This is what makes your texture take the shape of the text. This button can be found at the top or bottom of your Picmonkey editing screen.


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


Step 5. Head over to the ‘Overlays’ button and click ‘Your Own’. This is where you select the texture that you’d like to use.  Once you select it, use the handles of the photo to size the texture directly over your text.


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


Step 6. Go over to the dialogue box next to your texture and click the dropdown menu entitled ‘Blend Modes’. Click ‘Lighten’, and BAM!  There’s you’re texture!


how to do a text mask in picmonkey


If you want to move the photo around to change the effect of the texture, just click the outside of the handles and move it to where you’d like it.


Want a more visual explanation?  Check out this Youtube video on my channel!



Thanks so much for watching!  If you found it helpful, leave a comment below and let’s chat!


Not saavy with design?  Check out these premade templates in my Etsy shop!


**This post may contain affiliate links.  Should you choose to invest in anything mentioned, I may receive a small commission for recommending you. Thanks for supporting Bosslady Dreams!**



Why You Should Stop Worrying About Blog Traffic

We all worry about how our blog traffic is affecting our blog's success. Bosslady, I'm here to tell you that blog traffic is great and all, BUT there is something much more important that you should be really paying attention to. Click through to read more!



Hey y’all!  I’m back after a pretty long hiatus, mainly because I just moved to Atlanta, but today I wanted to chat a bit about a topic that I think plagues all new or newish bloggers and small biz owners.  When I first started my skincare business, I would get so bummed about not getting the website traffic that I just knew was going to come rolling in as soon as I hit publish.  I figured that by researching SEO and implementing all of the tips I’d read on other blogs that the site traffic would just come pouring in. WRONG. This was a terrible assumption that cost me a lot of time and gave me a ton of stress.


Are you like the old me?  Or are you the person in Facebook groups asking for tips on how to get more website traffic? I was this person too, actually, so you’re not alone if so.  I’d see others posting screenshots of their Google Analytics reports and instantly find myself insanely jealous at their ‘fame and viral ability’.  It sucks seeing these types of results from other bloggers… when you think that getting a ton of website traffic is indicative of your blog’s success.


It actually took me awhile to figure out what was most important when it comes to running a ‘successful’ blog.  First, let me tell you, website traffic is great and all, but it literally means nothing if it’s not targeted traffic.  Time for an embarrassing story: Once, I (stupidly) paid over $50 to someone on Fiverr for traffic to my skincare site.  Absolutely none of it was targeted.  Take a wild guess as to where my $50 went. You see where I’m going here?


At first, it may really seem like blog traffic is the way to get noticed and seem ‘popular’, but really, your traffic should mean so much more to you as a blogger or small business owner.  The truth is, you should be focused on getting targeted traffic that can be significant for your blog or business later down the road.  Targeted traffic, in turn, results in lead generation.


What is a lead?


A blog visitor or reader becomes a lead when they express interest in your blog or business by signing up for your email list, enrolling into your free ecourse, commenting on your posts, or taking any type of action that shows that they want to stay updated with what’s going on with you and your website.  Social media followers can count as leads, too.  Here’s the deal: people are veryyy picky about what goes into their inbox.  These days, you always have businesses on the prowl to get your email address, and I’m sure many of us have experienced an unsolicited email or two.  The only way that you can generate absolutely no leads is if you have absolutely have no traffic.  No matter how little traffic you think you have, you still have the ability to convert someone from just a browser into a loyal email subscriber.



If you’re planning on monetizing your blog or really enhancing your business this year, then lead generation needs to be a focal point for you.  Lead generation can lead can result in:

• more email subscribers because email is a non intrusive form of contact as long as they’ve opted in


• business stability during slower months because you’ll always have your trusty fans already in your email list


And you know what?  There’s even more important reasons:


Lead generation for your blog will probably be the number one thing you'll need in order to having a thriving business. Your blog's numbers don't determine its success, but it can affect how many leads your getting per visitor. It's not about getting high website traffic, it's about creating a loyal audience, building a stellar community, and establishing yourself as an authority.


1. You should want more blog traffic to increase your blog engagement.


This is a no brainer, people.  You can have a million monthly views but seriously, if no one is commenting or sharing your content in some way, then what is the point?  Engagement is a really good indicator as to whether or not your blog is doing well.  Do you have to have 80 comments on each blog post?  No.  But it’s good to encourage engagement and produce content that actually makes people want to engage. You can encourage engagement by asking people to follow you on social media, visiting your readers blogs and commenting, and asking people to leave comments on your posts.  I suggested visiting your readers blogs because if they see you are interested in their corner of the internet, they might be more prone to share your content and possibly invest with you in the future.


2. You should want more blog traffic to establish yourself as an authority.


I really can’t stress enough that becoming an authority in your niche is super important.  You don’t have to be number one, but you need to make sure that people trust the value you give them and that you give them your absolute best.  I’m going to be real with you for a minute: everyone in this internet space is discovering the power of online marketing and starting businesses online.  I don’t say this to scare you, but more so to remind you that you need to be on top of your game.  Don’t worry about getting clients or readers… there are plenty to go around!  When you make it known that you’ve got the skills to be a valued source in your industry, it’s your job to maintain the value and keep people around.

Make it your mission to start establishing yourself as authority instead of being just another blogger.


3. You should want more blog traffic to create a stellar community.


This doesn’t mean that you have to charter a Facebook group, or start a nationwide movement.  Creating a community is all about creating a safe place for people to learn, thrive, and express themselves all with the intention of growing in their own endeavors.  I mean, it’s all about sharing the wealth.  What good is your blog if it doesn’t produce results for other people?  Community building goes hand in hand with lead generation.  If you’re able to create a tribe of people that love you and are able to get to know you, they’ll probably be more likely to turn into a customer later.  People buy from people they trust.  Don’t con people with a phony personality just because you want to make money, but be yourself and if you really want to start a business or a blog, then the people that you’ve genuinely cared about will return the love by supporting your blog or business.


When you’re first starting out, it really seems like you need tons of traffic in order to really make a difference, but the truth is you need to grab your audience and build up trust.  Believe me, you can have 10 page views a day, but if you get at least one comment a day from those ten visitors, then that really says a lot about your content and engagement.  I hope this post has helped to encourage you to start creating genuine leads from your blog instead of focusing on getting blog traffic.


What are your favorite tips from this post? How do you think you can generate leads on your blog? Leave a comment down below and let’s chat!



How to Automate Social Media Like a Pro

How to Automate Social Media like a Pro // Creating business systems is a great way to increase your productivity, and what's better than using social media scheduling to free up some time in your day? Check out how I automate my social media profiles with Tailwind and Hootsuite, and how I automate my email marketing efforts with Mailchimp. Click this pin to read my tips and strategies!


So you’ve fixed your cup of chamomile tea, you’ve done your morning stretches, and  you’re ready to start you day.  You prance over to your to-do list, giddy to start your day, and you stop in your tracks.  All in an instant, that day you couldn’t wait to conquer, turns into one where you’d just rather Netflix and chill all day.  Why?  Because… you’ve got to tweet at least three pieces of content, create a graphic for Instagram, write newsletters, publish your latest blog post on Facebook, and this isn’t including checking emails and creating content for your blog or business.


We all get busy.. I mean, it’s kind of in an entrepreneur’s nature to always have something going on.  And this is exactly why you need to have the right types of systems in place to make sure that you can stay on top of tedious tasks, like social media and keeping in touch with your email subscribers.



How to Create a Bangin’ Blog Content Strategy

How to Create a Bangin' Blog Content Strategy // So you've started your blog... now what? You need a blog content strategy! In this blog post, I'll show you how you can create content around what your target audience needs and wants to see. If you're ready to take your blog's content to the next level, then this post is for you! Click through to read the post and download your free workbook!


What’s up, bossladies!


Today, I want to chat about something that can really place you at the top of your game if you’re able to make the right moves.


We all have our favorite blogs out there, right?  One of my favorite blogs is The Nectar Collective.  Melyssa does such a great job of speaking to me through her content…. I mean… she really speaks to me.  When she writes her content, it sounds like she made it specifically for me.



How To Uplevel your Business in 3 Easy Steps

How to Uplevel Your Business in 3 Easy Steps // Girl, it's time to take your business to the next level. You'll constantly have to evaluate your business development strategies in order to grow your business. Check out this blog post about the easiest, and quickest, way to decide how you'll strategize your businesses growth. Make sure to download the free printable checklist when you click through to read!



Bossladies, today I want to chat about a hard lesson that I had to learn when I was running my skincare business, and it’s all about one tiny thing that new entrepreneurs hate doing: embracing change.


Listen up… if you want to be successful, you have to realize that you’re not going to hit a home run on the first try.



That’s why you always see people rebranding and up leveling.  Even big companies do this! I recently saw a commercial the other day for Cici’s pizza and noticed that they had changed their logo to a cleaner looking emblem.  I found it kind of funny because I’ve eaten there before, but I can’t say that I was completely able to enjoy myself because their branding just threw me off.  The logo looked cheap, and the locations (to me) are subpar.  But it completely fits their target audience’s image.  I, actually, AM  their target market (mom with kids looking for an affordable meal on a busy day) but I’m also really drawn to branding.  Sloppy branding just doesn’t do it for me, boo boo, so I just couldn’t get down with Cici’s.  They, however, were able to get the point: you simply can’t stay the same forever if you really want to have and scale a successful business.



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